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We help plant-based businesses succeed.

Leading UK consultancy and insights partner for plant-based food businesses.

We transform our insight into commercial strategies for plant-based businesses wanting to grow their UK presence.


We work with leading organisations and NGO's to create the latest insights and trends on the market.

Through insights

We work closely with UK retail partners and institutions, sharing our insights on how to grow the plant-based sector.  

And our network

We are plant-based experts 

We bring years of industry experience, knowledge and knowhow to plant-based businesses looking to grow in the UK retail and food service sectors. We have each lead successful corporate careers and come with a vested interest to give back and build successful plant-based businesses. 

Decades worth of industry experience building and launching commercial strategies with confidence.

We work with

We work strategically with our corporate partners, combining consumer and market knowledge to shape the vision and direction for this still emerging and rapidly evolving market. Providing new insight that can help give more direction during category planning.


Many of our SME clients are at a pivotal point and asking some big questions: how to win market share and drive sustainable growth, what is the next big thing, or how to reach more buyers. We help you get the clarity you need to make your decisions easy.


We help start-ups, innovators and chefs who are new to the retail and food service industry, get up to speed, providing the need-to-know category basics and commercial guidance. These are short, fast paced workshops and mentorships, focusing on the essentials for where you are at on your journey. 


We are a 'boots on the ground' team, getting to the places many don't and able to pull out the insights and news worthy stories the sector vitally needs. A network we are building, get in touch if you would like to hear more.  

PR agencies & content creators

A vitally important group supporting the plant-based sector, who we work closely with to pool resources, insights and intel to build a successful and sustainable future for the plant-based sector and consumers. 

NGOs and Institutions

We help suppliers and distributors stay up to date with the latest insights in the UK plant-based category, how things are trending, watch outs and opportunity areas. As we uncover opportunities we pass them on. 

Suppliers & Distributors


Plant based food consultancy

Research & Insight

We work with the world's leading organisations and commercial partners to answer the big questions. In Q3 2023, this was how to win back growth. We now have the answers which we'll be sharing throughout in Q4.

Insight to Strategy

Through our unique set of insights and trusted relationships, we help you close the loop between consumer needs and your brand's value proposition. 

Plant based food consultancy

Sustainable Growth

We are here to see

plant-based businesses succeed.

Our process enables you to build solid relationships with your buyers and stakeholders, setting you up for long term success.


Rather than expensive introductions, we give you the insight and tools so you can establish and own those relationships without us.


We've proven this works. 

A few words from our clients.

Indy knows the UK market inside and out and has a keen sense of trends and insights to overlay for a complete picture. Best of all, Indy was super responsive and continues to be a helpful resource.

Heather Cutter, Chief Growth Officer
Harmless Harvest

Plant Futures provided rich insights and a deeper understanding of the plant-based and consumer market in a way we could easily see how exciting and important this sector is! 

Tamsin Luck, Programming Director

ITN Business

"Plant Futures step by step process enabled us to complete a UK strategy, driven from the perspective of the buyers .  The result has been a successful listing with a new retailer worth around £1.5m annually."

Nick Taylor, Managing Director
Fratelli Polli

Our Clients

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