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Why plant-based and why now?


We are outgrowing nature.

The rate at which we are depleting our natural resources will not sustain future generations. And Covid, a likely zoonotic disease, has been a pivotal tipping point and call for reform.


Our current food system is unsustainable...

...and disproportionate to our needs. For example; 78% of total agricultural land is used for animal-agriculture yet only provides 18% of total calorie needs.


We know the importance of biodiversity.

Nature has the solutions to help get us back on track. Plants are natural carbon sinks - capable of regenerating soils; providing healthy, nutritious food and so on.


We are entering a unique period of transition, reform and commercial opportunity.

It's a pivotal time, with global attention on the benefits of a plant-based diet, and with growing consumer awareness and demand; this is the dawning of a new era. 

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