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food advisory delivering impact

A plant-based food advisory, working with the UK food industry to drive sustainable progress across the sector where plants play a significant part of the solution.

Plants are a key part of the solution


Facing into the obesity and malnutrition crisis through healthy, nutritious and affordable food.


From carbon 'sinks' to low carbon foods - all helping to put nature back into balance boosting biodiversity.

Food Security

Supporting households on low incomes and creating a more stable food supply and income for farmers.

Animal Use

Reducing the need for intensive rearing of animals and associated diseases, transitioning to new protein and food solutions.

Working with the change makers

Driving positive change through three strategic pillars

Brands and Manufacturing

Start-up support packages, market entry and strategic workshops

Retailers and Investors

Market insights, navigation and trouble shooting to drive progress and growth

Research and Knowledge

Sourcing new insights to drive systematic change and inform strategies

Why plant-based and why now?


Population growth is outgrowing nature.

The rate at which we are depleting our natural resources will not sustain future generations. And Covid, a likely zoonotic disease, has been a pivotal tipping point and call for reform.


Our food system is no longer fit for purpose.

And disproportionate to our needs. For example; 78% of total agricultural land is used for animal-agriculture yet only provides 18% of total calorie needs.


Replenishing nature and boosting biodiversity is key.

Nature has the solutions to help get us back on track. Plants are natural carbon sinks - capable of regenerating soils; providing healthy, nutritious food and so on.


A unique period of transition, reform and opportunity.

It's a pivotal time, with global attention on the benefits of a plant-based diet, and with growing consumer awareness and demand; this is the dawning of a new era. 

Contact me for further information and insights.

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon!

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